5 ways to support a band until lockdown is lifted and venues re-open

The show must go on(line), so what can you – the beloved fans – do to support a band during this challenging time? A fair bit, actually. 

1. Buy their merchandise –

Do you have a friend or relative celebrating their birthday soon? Why don’t you support your favourite band/artist – think of how much a T-shirt, record or even fridge magnet might mean to someone you know.

2. Subscribe, Share and Engage their social media channels –

On a human level, live music is something we can all benefit from right now. Why don’t you search for a new band or artist, you might just find some great music to accompany you through the day(s). Don’t forget to also like and comment, as these interactions all contribute towards their algorithm, which in turn determines who their content is shown to and how often.

3. Tell your friends –

If you have friends busy planning an event, big or small, recommend a band / artist and guide them to their social media pages. You might have just secured their next biggest fan (and contributed to their income)!

4. Support their online streaming / videos –

Artists have been welcoming fans to their bedrooms and living rooms, and turning them into a gig-like place. Just like everyone else, they too are isolating and working from home, creating music and entertaining fans. Even if you can’t dip into your pocket, sharing with friends on social media or suggesting an online watch party might mean someone else would like to contribute or book a performance.

5. Book in advance –

This is the most direct and immediate way to show your support, there might even be some discount 😉 Make contact and share your event details, get the ball rolling and before you know, lockdown is lifted and your event is here – a great performance and guests that can’t stop talking about your great choice of live entertainment!

“Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.” – Dimebag Darrell

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