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How to Book the Right Live Wedding Band.

Before you say “I do” to a wedding band, make sure they are the right fit for you and your partner. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure it’s a match made in heaven…

Show me the money!

Ugh, budgets. They suck, but your wedding budget is what it is, and you have to make it work. Before you even wander down the path of searching for a band, decide on what your entertainment budget is. Be realistic, because live wedding bands can range anything between reasonable and expensive. If you are unsure about what you’re looking at in terms of costs, get a couple of quotes and work it back from there. There is no shame in discussing costs with the band you choose, you might get some added value you never bargained on. Try to make your booking early, because popular wedding bands get fully booked way in advance, especially during wedding season. It is also important to note that most live wedding bands will require a deposit to hold your date.

That’s what I want

Sit down with your partner and decide on what type of band you are looking for. Is there a specific genre you both like? Will the band be able to play your song? Do you want music during the ceremony, the reception or both? Background music or a party performance? Jot your wants and ideas down, they are a great guide towards finding the right band for you.

Looking for the right band

It’s important to find the right fit for your wedding day, so do a little research beforehand. The first prize would be to see the band perform live, but if you can’t most established bands have promo videos available on their website or social media pages. The band’s website is a great resource to learn more about who they are and what kind of styles they perform. Be careful not to choose a wedding band based on a performance you’ve seen at a festival or even a pub. Remember weddings are a completely different ball game with its own special requirements and considerations. It’s often best to book a live band that has experience with weddings. Consider their repertoire, the music genre and the overall look and feel to determine whether they are perfect for your perfect day.

What’s the word on them

A lot of our clients are referrals from weddings we played for in the past or in some cases they have seen us play at a friend or family member’s wedding. It’s always a good idea to see what other people say about the band. Testimonials are helpful to gauge whether a particular live band is worth pursuing. Ask your wedding venue if they have any recommendations. Actually, most wedding vendors would know of a live wedding band they have seen or worked with in the past. Just ask.

Make it official

Once you have decided on your live wedding band, it’s time to make it official. Professional live wedding bands will enter into an agreement with you or draw up a contract. This is not only to secure your date, but to protect both your interests. The contract will contain terms and conditions, which speaks to pertinent points you need to be aware of. This ties in all the necessary information, like the date and location; the services the band will be delivering; technical and hospitality riders etc. Don’t book a band without sealing deal with the proper paperwork.

Your songs

A live wedding band will guide you in choosing the songs you want for different stages of the wedding. This depends on which stages if not all you book them for. Think about every detail that you would like to mark with a specific song. What song would you like to walk down the aisle to? Which song do you want played during your opening dance? It’s important to tie these details down early, so the band can prepare for songs that is not in their repertoire.

Meet the band

It’s important to establish a relationship prior to your wedding day. If you can, meet the band to iron out any concerns you have or to address questions about the music on your big day. Discuss the setlist and particularly the songs that are the most special and important to you. Talk about the running order and your vision for how your wedding day should flow. You can gauge a lot from meeting the band face-to-face and pick their brain about various aspects of your wedding entertainment.

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