Before You Book Your Wedding Entertainment, Read This!

Sorting out your wedding entertainment is a big deal. Music is the golden thread that ties all the moments of your big day together. The conundrum is, live wedding band or DJ? Here’s our case for why live wedding bands just take the cake…

There is no substitute for live music

Couples always tell us that they want their wedding day to be unique. And why not? The amount of money and planning that goes into a wedding demands an extraordinary result. There is just no substitute for live music if you are looking at doing something different for your wedding. From the gentle and intimate acoustic guitars during the ceremony to a full-on performance at the reception, live music engages on a personal level. So when you get down to planning the music for your wedding and you want to do something special, a wedding band is the way to go.


Avoid the wedding clichés

These days couples are quite clear that they don’t want wedding clichés to pop up in their music. They want it to be special and classy. Nobody wants to see their drunk uncle do the Macarena if they can help it. The benefit of booking an established wedding band is that your music is tailored to what you want. An experienced band consults with you about every single detail of your wedding music, so you can avoid those clichés we all roll our eyes at. As an added bonus, a wedding band can advise you on music too. After all, they play at weddings for a living. They know what’s up.


Speaking of expertise…

You have a million things to worry about on your wedding day, so if you are going to fork over money for a live wedding band, music is one less thing to fret over. Established wedding bands know the ins and outs of their performance. They are experienced musicians, so any technical requirements or sticking to a running order is not a problem for them. Like any other vendor, they are there to deliver a service to you. Their number one priority is to make their part in your special day one to remember.


You get what you pay for

Weddings are pricey, so it’s tempting to settle for cheap entertainment to keep costs down. When it comes to your wedding entertainment, don’t. While an experienced live wedding band may cost you a little more, it’s worth every penny. We have seen too many disasters with music at weddings. Booking your nephew who just acquired a laptop, Virtual DJ and two speakers at a killer price sounds great in theory (how difficult can it be, right?). Imagine that nephew “accidentally” drops Another One Bites the Dust during the wedding ceremony. We’d love to say that we are speaking hypothetically, but this actually happened! So when planning your budget, don’t skimp on the music, whether you choose a DJ or a live band. Just don’t. Excellence might cost a little more, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.


There is something VIP about a live band

Not to dis DJ’s, but a live band is pretty hard to beat, If you think about it, it is a private performance just for you and your guests. They bring an energy and a vibe that gets people on their feet to party the night away. There is a connection between the band and guests that really stands out as extra special. But the best of all? You are the VVIP!


Mix it up a little

If you have the budget or you looking to splurge a little on your wedding entertainment, why not book a live wedding band and a DJ? That way you do have the authenticity and inimitable ambiance of live music, but you also have a DJ to compliment the entertainment with a vast playlist. This combination is always a winner and one that your guests are not likely to forget.

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