Krislin Pakalev

Just book them! Especially when you have an international wedding. We had people from 9 different countries. From different Northern Europe and Southern Africa countries. From America, Australia. All night these people from different cultures and different music preferences came and said that our wedding band is amazing! When I asked our guests the next day how was the food, a few people said they were waiting for a bad song to come up so they can get some food…but for every single song they preferred to stay on the dance floor and they didn’t have a chance to eat! I knew from the very first note that the band would nail it! Music can make or break a wedding! They definitely delivered!! They are not only extremely talented and nice people; they also look so good on the stage – they definitely have good style! Music is big part of our lives, thank you! Thank you for accepting our invite to come play and helping our dream wedding come true!